I’m Navpreet & I love, love, love loose teas. I’ve always had a passion for having a simpler way of living, eating good unprocessed foods, looking after my body, looking after my inner soul and having the right lifestyle balance where I’m able to spend as much time with the people I love. 


I love being around nature, walking through quiet overgrown fields, feeling & hearing the wind and seeing the tea leaves in my cup gives me a wonderful feeling, a feeling that makes me appreciate mother earth more. 


I’ve grown up with my mum always experimenting in the kitchen with various ingredients, never being afraid of trying something new. Always finding a natural remedy for everything and that's something that has always stuck with me. My mum has been my inspiration for having a love for the more natural things which has motivated me to create this small little business.    


Life is so busy and tea bags are known for its convenience, it can be very difficult to have a moment to yourself & I have taken a lot of time to carefully create each blend giving you a bit of time out, a bit of ‘you time’, to sit back and watch the tea leaves come alive whilst they expand and nourish your body, creating a wonderful euphoria.  

About me

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