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What is loose tea?

Loose tea or loose-leaf tea is an exciting and fresh way to brew tea without the use of a traditional teabag. In other words, loose teas don’t come pre-packed in tea bags.


By not cramming them into a small bag, loose-leaf teas tend to be richer, more flavorful and of greater quality.


Instead of brewing using a teabag, loose-leaf teas are placed inside an infuser, french press or a steeping ball. This process is called tea steeping.


Loose-leaf teas absorb water and engorge perfectly when steeped. As the hot water flows, it extracts a huge variety of aromas, flavors, minerals and vitamins from the loose-leaf teas.

Why so good?

Loose teas are chock-full of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and other best-for-you micronutrients.


Unfortunately, you cannot reap the full benefits of these nutrients if they don’t end up in your tea.

And how rich your tea will become boils down to the size, variety, and method of brewing.


Tea-bags are small and cramped. That means the ability of the tea to absorb water and engorge will be significantly limited by the size of the bag.


Even if you cram whole-leaf tea into the small bags, you won’t get a very tasty, rich cup.



That’s why steeping loose-leaf teas is a slice of heaven for those who love infused teas.


It provides the loose teas plenty of room to absorb water, expand, and release as many nutrients and flavor as possible.

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